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Fresh Vibrant Hawaiian Flower Lei

Fresh Hawaiian flower lei vary widely in price, style, color & fragrance. Subject to seasonal availability of blossoms, any of these lei can be worn by either men or women.
Braided Hawaiian Ti Leaf lei Double dendrobium orchid lei with rosebuds
Ti Leaf Braided $18 Double White Orchid  $45 Tuberose Rosebud,
Adult Single $18
Kukui Mock Orange $25 
Braided Hawaiian Ti Leaf spiraled with fragrant tuberose lei Tiny rosebud lei spiraled with fragrant tuberose blossoms
Purple Orchid $18
(Default Selection)
Tuberose Braided Ti $18 Tuberose Rosebud
Chain $25
Tuberose Orchid $18
Highly fragrant Micronesian ginger lei Highly fragrant Micronesian ginger lei with orange petal accents
Tuberose Ilima $18 Tuberose Carnation $18 White Micro Ginger $40 Orange Micro Ginger $40
Mildly fragrant braided Maile lei spiraled with fragrant Pikake blossoms Mildly fragrant braided Maile lei
Maile (vine)
Single $60, Double $80
Single Maile w/ Strand of white flowers  $85 Ti Leaf, Maile Style $35 Silk Maile $35
Colorful Haku lei with other select colorful blossoms - styles vary White dendrobium orchid haku lei with other select white blossoms - styles vary
Orchid Rosebud $25 Double Tuberose Rosebud, $45 Colorful Haku $40  White Orchid Haku $40

When ordering fresh Hawaiian flower lei, you may choose lei by name or choose a color to match your attire.
On the booking form, enter your choices in the "Comments" box. Prices subject to change without notice.
We reserve the right to make substitutions of similar type if certain blossoms are unavailable.
All Hawaiian leis subject to seasonal availability.