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All beaches in Hawaii are in the public domain and are supposed to have free access (no site fee for use, however a State Permit fee may apply).  Those closest to Waikiki are normally crowded. Popular wedding sites may have other services going, especially around sunset. Those with more privacy require some time & effort to reach; travel fees may apply. On Oahu most people stay in Waikiki that's where most hotels are and the beach runs from one end to the other. We advertise more than 50 waterfront venues on this website. Please go to the Site Locator Map link below where you can see 100s of photos & over 90 video clips of our venues.

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  When is sunset and moonrise in Honolulu? 

PRIVATE SETTINGS: We offer several exclusive Oahu venues such as waterfront settings, waterfall view & yachts  to maximize your wedding experience. See pay sites.

Most hotels in or adjacent to Waikiki can provide a location for your wedding ceremony on their grounds for a hefty fee.  Some have special wedding accommodations such as a chapel, gazebo or arch.  If you want to hold your reception there, the site is sometimes included in the price, which varies widely among hotels. Please let us know if you want us to coordinate your ceremony at a Waikiki hotel or at any other pay or commercial site. Oahu Hotel Map.

Remember, the sun sets in the Western sky.
Most popular beaches near Waikiki generally face South to Southwest, so sunset will be to the right as you face the ocean. During Winter months, you can see the sun over water from some nearby locations. The most convenient site to Waikiki is Magic Island, just 5-10 minutes by car, 15-25 minutes by foot from most hotels. It is adjacent to two yacht clubs and a large marina in the direction of downtown, across from Ala Moana Shopping Center.  Since it is a peninsula jutting out into the water from the normal shoreline (map), the views of Diamond Head Volcano, passing yachts and the sunset are often superb, weather permitting.  Beach, jetty and grass settings are available there. Also great for sunsets is East Maunalua Bay (Area 4). If you don't mind driving for an hour, the Leeward Coast (Area 6) and North Shore (Area 7) of Oahu offer many romantic sunset locations. For winter months, nearby sites at Diamond Head Overlook, Diamond Head Beach, Waialae Beach Park may have fewer people & excellent backdrops. For more information on sunsets, see tips.

Sunrise is best seen from beaches in Areas 1, 2 & 3. There are several lovely usually somewhat private (free) oceanfront park  locations with settings very conducive to a romantic personal private non-denominational ceremony. Go to the site locator map for details. Our favorites are in Area 2.

Travel & After Hours' Fees: Some locations (such as in a forest, at a waterfall or stream, mountaintop or at a remote beach) require extra time/effort to get there & back, so our services may be subject to a surcharge commensurate with the effort & block of time required for your service. Fees apply separately to each service provider making the trip as the effort does consume the provider's time. Fees may also apply to services scheduled before or after regular business hours (like sunrise or late night), on certain national holidays & significant family days (like Easter, Thanksgiving & Valentine's Day). Travel time may also apply to the limousine for pick-up/drop-off outside Honolulu proper.

Prices Subject to Change: While every attempt has been made to keep pricing current, this is a dynamic market and prices are subject to change without notice. We will not increase prices once your reservation is confirmed unless our suppliers increase fees (such as for flowers) prior to delivery. We appreciate your understanding & cooperation. See Terms for full disclosure of conditions of use. Prices do not include taxes or gratuities. Yacht packages subject to additional 2% harbor use fees.

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