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from select beaches & parks on the Island of O'ahu
(Available wherever we can get a signal)

Live Streaming Video- Now everyone can be a part of your special day We broadcast your wedding ceremony, LIVE over the internet, and give your loved ones the chance to be a virtual part of your wedding, even when they're thousands of miles away. They can also watch it later if they cannot see it in real time live!
: This makes a great gift for the couple when you can't attend and yet you get to share the event with them as it happens... virtually... in real time!

Silver - $195 

Gold - $295 

Platinum - $395 

Disclaimer: Every effort will be made to produce a quality product that can be enjoyed by all. We can only control those elements under our direct supervision, to a degree. We have no control over weather, wireless networks, electronic equipment, computers, hardware, bandwidth, servers and so on. In the event we are unable to provide the live service paid for, fair resolution will be made on a case-by-case basis. We will NOT be liable for any damages above and beyond the fee paid for the service. Mahalo for your understanding and cooperation. By using this site, you agree to all terms and conditions posted.

Live Internet Wedding & Ceremony Streaming Video Packages

**  Live Webcasts, and more!    How can your loved ones, who cannot come to Hawaii for your wedding, be a part of your wedding?  We will broadcast your wedding LIVE over the Internet, so that everyone will be "present" to share the big day with you in real time at no cost to them.  If they can't get to a computer at the exact moment of your ceremony, we'll have it posted online to view at their leisure.

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