Answers to Questions About Your Wedding in Hawaii

Can I get married at sunset in Hawaii?

couple at sunset over the bay

Sunset is a special time, especially for weddings

Yes, you can get married at sunset in Hawaii. Sunset is really one of the most popular and romantic times of the day to get married in Hawaii and it is our favorite. Scheduling can get a little tight for sunset so be flexible in your planning. Keep in mind that the sun sets in the Western sky. Therefore, the sun may not be visible from your site of choice and at the time of year you are planning to get married. As for visibility of the sun on the horizon, the position of the sun relative to the horizon moves to the right a little more every day from June to December, then back to the left a little more every day from December to June. Therefore, the visibility of the sun relative to the horizon will vary for some waterfront venues in the closer-in or more populated areas of Oahu. Some remote venues will have a view of sunset every day of the year, weather permitting. Check the sunset data HERE.

Can I bring my own photographer/videographer?

No, not on the island of Oahu, nor on the neighbor islands. We reserve the right to provide our couples with professionals who are reliable, English-speaking & are always on time. There is one chance to get your ceremony done right & we guarantee everything we do. We work with professionals from every area of wedding services; they know what we do, what to expect & how everything will proceed. Also, we are aware of what our professionals need for the best lighting, backgrounds & poses during the service and you will benefit from the synergy with outstanding results at far below market prices. If you order a photo package, be sure to read the ** Your Photo Album Online** paragraph so we are on the same page in understanding what you get with the package. In the event we show up at your site and you have hired a photographer and/or videographer without our prior consent, a fee of $100 or more will be assessed in order to continue with your service. May we serve you?

Is the license included in the package?

No. You must apply for a Hawaii Marriage License by completing the online application (which will be held in the system for up to one year) or by filling out the application form you can print out from the state website. You cannot apply by mail. You MUST then appear in person before an authorized Marriage License Agent either at the Health Department (not the courthouse) or by appointment with a licensing agent. They will issue your Marriage License Worksheet, which you must bring to the minister. See more licensing details on the Get Started page under Step 1.

What if it rains?

We get wet? Most beaches are out in the open with limited shelter. We have umbrellas if all other options fail. Tropical showers are warm and usually don’t last very long; more frequent during the winter. We can wait a few minutes then go for it. Whatever happens will be part of your unique memories so make the best of it and let’s have fun. Keep in mind, showers lead to rainbows (Hawaiian: ‘anuenue’) and on your wedding day are considered a very special blessing in Hawaii! Check the weather here.

How do we get to the wedding site?


Ride in style to your beach wedding – 1954 Rolls Royce

If you don’t rent a car here, transportation to most of our sites can be by walking, bus or taxi. The Bus is very efficient at $2.50 per adult. When you choose a location, take into account how you will get there and allow sufficient time. Delays can be rather costly. We don’t provide free transportation, but our limousines are very comfortable and priced quite reasonably. If we didn’t send you a map and you want one, please remind us to send one to you. Our confirmation email usually contains a Google Map that will show you a site photo. By clicking the minus sign, you can view the road map to the location. Note: Many of our couples have chosen to arrange local transportation & more times than not, the driver is late on pick-up, late to the site, does not understand the site name and directions we have provided or gets lost on the way. (English is not the first language of most drivers.) In the end, it may cost you lots more than what we charge.

Do we meet you before the wedding?

Usually not. Most couples want to keep things simple and this is reflected in our prices. Many coordinators provide all kinds of services then charge hundreds to thousands for them. We can do that, too, just ask! Our minister will go over everything when you meet at the site; we try to get everybody there 15 minutes early so we can start at the scheduled time. Remember: Late or overtime fees apply if you are not there within a reasonable time. See Terms for details.

Can you send me a brochure?

We strive to maintain the lowest prices yet highest quality of services, so our “brochure” is our web site. A printed representation could not nearly contain the amount of timely information, wedding site descriptions, color photos, video clips and descriptions here on our site. We do keep it updated to provide you the most current information on getting married or renewing your wedding vows in Hawaii that we can.

Can I substitute (this) for that in my package?

The packages are fixed and have a discount built into the price. If you want to delete something, then forget the package and just select what you want from the option menu, then add up the each prices shown to get your total. We do not make substitutions. If you want to add something to a package, like a video or ukulele musician for example, then just choose the items and add the prices from the option menu to the package price. Let us know if you want to make changes or additions after your reservation has been confirmed.

I am active duty military. Can I get a discount?

We offer a basic package at a discount for active duty U.S. military members. Most of the other package deals have a discount built-in so there is no additional discount for military.

Do I need a permit for my beach wedding?

One may be required. Click for current information on beach wedding permits. Beaches we use here on Oahu are not very large and parking can sometimes be quite difficult with few options. You should take this into account in your planning. We may assess an overtime fee if you are late and if we have another service following yours, you may have to wait or reschedule.

Are there extra fees besides taxes?

Extra fees for services scheduled on legal holidays and some special family days usually apply. If your site is remote (outside Honolulu proper), requires extra effort to get there or is scheduled outside of regular business hours, additional fees usually apply. Ask your coordinator in advance to be sure what fees if any apply. Tax & Harbor Fees of 8% apply to services at sea.

How long is the ceremony and what will it entail?

Our normal ceremony without video or musician is only 6-10 minutes. Then we do the paperwork, present the couple and finish with any additional services ordered. We are usually done in 10-15 minutes so no chairs are needed and you can get on with your celebration with family and friends. Many guests are now taking photos or video so allowing them the freedom to move around makes sense. We do not allow you to hire a local professionals for services we offer. If the bride wants to be given away or wants to come down the “aisle”, we can do that. Just let us know at the site so we can guide you in the process.

Can we get “married” without the legalities?

We can perform a “symbolic” marriage ceremony (exactly like a legal one) without your obtaining a marriage license, and you will not be legally married. Under the law in Hawaii, you cannot be legally married without a valid Hawaii marriage license. Many of our couples come to Hawaii already married, maybe they did it at a courthouse or somewhere without any ceremony, and now they want a real wedding ceremony on the beach…. or wherever. We will be delighted to help you create a beautiful and memorable experience that will be the highlight of your adventure in Hawaii.

What is the guideline for tipping performers?

We are a service industry and take pride in our professionalism, passion and simplicity. We also have taken great effort to deliver the very best services at the very best prices on Oahu, despite rising cost of fuel, flowers and labor. Consequently, your gratuities in the form of tips are greatly appreciated, especially by the crew of a charter vessel and the limousine driver. As a guideline, restaurants usually recommend tipping 15-20% of the total. By paying the provider directly following the service, you can express your gratitude in a personal way. Mahalo for your trust… a gift we relish!


Congratulations on your marriage