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NOTICE: If applicable, add Site/Permit Fee here: See information about Hawaii Beach Wedding Permits here. Base fee $50. Contact us if in doubt
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  • Ceremony Packages Include:

  • Minister - Non-denominational, Licensed by the State of Hawaii

  • Choice of free non-commercial site on Oahu. (Travel fees may apply to distant locations; early/late fees may apply outside regular business hours.)

  • Commemorative Keepsake Certificate

  • Marriage License Recording /Processing (we do not provide signed photocopies of Hawaii Marriage Licenses); Legal Marriages only.

1. Select Land Package         ; you can then add Professional Service options in list below.
(See detailed information on Packages here. Pay sites subject to confirmation of prices/details upon our attempt to book your event.)

For Military (Legal Marriage) Package only, please complete the following: 
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Bride or Groom, specify branch: tips if military
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3. Select Options Below to Add to Your Ceremony Package or to Fully Customize Your Ceremony;
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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES -- Ala Carte Menu for Island of Oahu only PRICE*
NOTICE: Our professionals are among the best in the islands and are available to you at highly competitive rates. We DO NOT therefore permit you to hire outside providers for services we offer without an express written agreement. We guarantee their presence & performance. Mahalo for your understanding & cooperation.
Minister: Non-denominational; None or does not apply. (Please pick one.)
(Barefoot Pkg.
Includes generic Certificate, Ring Vows & basic coordination.)
- -
Deluxe Personalized Certificate: Custom, 8-1/2 x 11 Color Certificate; paper varies/personalized; see sample.$10
Expedite Fee (Same-day online processing of your marriage license)$10
PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY (click link for more details.)
 Digital Photos; Free posting to online album incl.: Pro II $195;Pro III $295; 2-hour Yacht $3253-hour Yacht $425;  None (Review packages for what's included for the price shown.)
Put Pro Digital images we took on: CD $125;  8-GB USB Drive $140
 Photo Display Album: $99 with 41 prints; $199 with 101 prints;
 (Photo Package Required) None
 Other Digital Photo: $60 Pastor 10-15
 (your camera or his);$150 Pastor 50-60  (his camera); None  Make Wiki Wiki CD on location or next day $50
  - -
 PhotoMovie DVD: to 50 images, 1 song, $75 51- 100, 2 songs $95;  (Photo Package Required) None  Number of PhotoMovie DVD... Copies @ $30 each, Designer Jacket/label;   PhotoMovie DVD Copies @ $15 each, plain case - -
 Video Package: Pro $250 Pro $3752hr Yacht $450 3hr Yacht $600 (click box & make selection)   Wiki Wiki Video $125 Wiki Wiki Video DVD $150 Home Video $125 None; Video  DVD Copies, @ $25 each- -
Add VHS of video above $20 Buy master tape $50- -
Live WEBCAST Video Silver $195 Gold $295 Platinum $395None  
MORE OPTIONS (click link for more details.)
Limousine: Super Stretch $295 (3-hrs, 8-pass.); To/From Waikiki $195  (up to 2-hrs, 8-pass.);
Number of passengers: .
Limo [up to 14 pass.; many models available, ask for quote; minimum 2 hour hire applies.)
Limo Pick-up/Drop-off Site:  
Beverage Toast:  Non-alcoholic cider  (Champagne not available at any public beach or park))$25
Wedding Cake (decorated; serves up to 10; style/colors may vary); Cake Service on-site, add $25  $50 or $75
Hawaiian Ukulele Musician/Vocalist, female/male (Specify if guitar; Hula dancers available for $125 each)$125
Wedding Music (portable stereo or iPod w/ selected Hawaiian wedding music) $25
 Bird Release: 2 Rainbow $125; 2 White $125; 2+10 Rainbow, White or mixed $225
(Inquire for additional pricing for more birds. Subject to certain restrictions.)
 Butterflies; Click for details & enter choice in comments (Delivery fee $20 applies)

Tell us about colors/styles/flavors or other choices & desires in the comment box above.

- -
FLOWERS & LEI (click link for more details.)
Traditional Forever Kukui/Shell Lei, pair; enter style #   (Hand-painted are $15 each)$20, pr.
Bride's Round French Bouquet:   White: Large Small  Colorful: Large Small; Cascading White ($135) Cascading Color ($135)
(may vary from photo) Attendant's bouquets & boutonnières are also available.
small $95
large $115
cascade $135
Bride's Traditional Fragrant Ginger Lei  (specify color or different style in comments space)$40
Bride's Traditional Haku Lei:  White Colorful   (head lei, may vary from photo) $40
 Traditional Hawaiian Maile Lei Single $60;  Double $80;  Forever Silk Maile $35 Ti Lei, maile style $35 None
 Add strand of white blossoms to maile $30: Tuberose
Pikake  (subject to availability)
Kukui Mock Orange Lei $25 (Styles vary)
- -
Fresh Flower Lei;  I want male ($18); female ($18); specify style, color or additional details in comments space above. Subject to availability. Purple orchid lei is default.
Tell us about colors/styles/flavors or other choices & desires in the comment box above.
Want something not listed? Put your wishes in the comment box above so we can send you a quote.
- -
  Custom Arrangements
Coordinator for reception or special arrangements, per hour (use comments space above to describe special needs); required for selected packages, delivery of flowers or to coordinate other special services. $95 & up

*Excludes gratuities

Additional fees may apply when you request services outside Areas 4 & 5 for the extra time/effort to travel to remote sites or if a permit is required. If you are requesting services outside normal business hours or on special holidays, we compensate our providers for the time they  take away from family & schedule to serve you. If such a fee applies, we will advise in the confirmation of your reservation. Mahalo for your understanding & cooperation. All fees are subject to State Tax.

Now, it's time to calculate your total, then entering the figure below. There is no shopping cart, so your total is calculated manually by you. This is only for your reference; we will confirm all prices by email. Payment is necessary to confirm your order, so after clicking "Submit" below ONCE, a link to make Payment will open. Paid orders are processed and confirmed on a first-come first-served basis, according to the dates of payment & of your event. If you do not pay now, we will have your reservation on hold until payment is made. Thanks so much for your order! Please round figures off to even dollar amounts.

Sub-Total from above:    x 5% Tax/Proc. (Use 8% for At Sea services.):   = Total ; Deposit: (50% of combined fees or $50 per service provider, whichever is more.)

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